It’s the Season

The holidays have arrived at the tiny house in a rush that apparently happened when I was sleeping. I never seem to get enough sleep lately, so no one is more confused by this than myself. Plus, it’s been 70 here this week. 70! When people want to know why I live in the Ozarks, this is my primary reason. I am still pulling fresh greens and all the animals are happily on pasture. No wonder Jingle Bells seem foreign.

I managed to finish the shopping and the menu is set. It’s a small celebration, in alignment with our lives. We focus on our blessings, like not spending this December in the hospital. The kids are healthy. I am healthy. The farm prospers. It’s simply the biggest gift we could ever have.

So we are decorating the Evergreen in the yard and volunteering at the soup kitchen.

I hope wherever you are, this holiday season finds you are yours healthy and happy!

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