Fall in a Tiny House



We had our first Tiny Thanksgiving last week! This one was an extra blessing. It is the second time in eight years where Thanksgiving was not spent in a hospital! So we are truly grateful for the health of Zoe. Oh and pie. I made all gluten free desserts this year, even an Angel Food Cake! It was delicious!


The weather held just long enough for us to set up outside and eat under threatening skies. My backup plan? Eating in the hay barn! I am super happy because there are currently several pigs also in the hay barn! It really was a blessed day.

The next day, we tackled a couple small projects. In under 250 square feet, every single inch counts. It is critical to be organized and have very high functioning space. But like all homes, we have a couple spaces that are impossible to control. One of these is the dreaded Sock Bag. Every sock that doesn’t have a mate gets tucked in the bag until it’s sole mate is found. (Get it?) In a perfect world, the sock bag would be sorted weekly, even daily. It doesn’t happen.

Sock BagIt’s hard to believe how many spare socks we have when we are each only allowed 10 pairs. But we watched some Wallace and Grommit and now the sock bag is history. Until next week anyway.

And here we are in December. Onward and upwards!

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